Seoul Edition 2023

Get Up & Glow with Me is a collection of soulful & poetic writings and
prayers that present a creative snapshot of God’s gifts to us, His love
for us, and His expectations for our lives. It begins by painting a candid
picture of society today. Then, through vivid, personal experiences
and examples, the author invites women to discover their true beauty
from within, which stems from Christ-like character. In turn, women can
become deeply in tune to God’s desires for their lives. As a result, their
total existence is lovingly enhanced as God becomes the center of their
being. Women are now destined for a deep everlasting relationship of
love from our Creator, a love that effortlessly spreads to others. Get
up and go with me and grow with me, as we rise to glow for God on
this dynamic journey of spiritual rejuvenation!

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